William Hogarty won the 2005 MR California Bodybuilding Championship while running a National company. 

William Hogarty is  very involved in personal growth and founded a life coaching company, which no only explores business, relationship development; it dives into health and fitness.  William Hogarty has  a degree in Nutrition and was always fascinated with how the human body can respond to proper nutrition and exercise.  70% of theUSpopulation is over weight, and half of that is clinically obese.  Many people are in insulin to control diabetes, and blood pressure medicine to control blood pressure.  In most cases this can be avoided with proper nutrition and exercise.

The medical industry wont tell us that, as they are all about reactive medicine rather than proactive.  Cancer need sugar, acid blood (stress), and lack of oxygen for cancer cells to mutate (we all have them in our bodies most dormant at any given time) William Hogarty thinks a majority of this is due to lack of information, processed foods (the food company put additives in their process to make food addictive. William Hogartys  first bodybuilding contest was the Teenage San Jose in 1983 which William Hogarty won his  weight class and overall.  The preparation was quit a learning curve yet I was amazed at how well the human body responds.

1985: Won Mr San Jose light heavy and overall
(youngest ever at 20)

1986: 5th USA Heavyweight (pro qualifier)

1988: 2nd MrCalifornia Heavyweight

1989: 5th Mr California Heavyweight (I got discourage at lack of money in bodybuilding and decided to focus on my professional life)

1992: Won overall Mr Contra Costa heavyweight and 2nd Mr California Light Heavy (This was a bit of a challenge as I have a full time demanding career running Olympia Funding with 50 employee’s

2004: Won the Heavy and Overall Masters (40 and up) Contra Costa and Mr California(was very challenging as I was a CEO of the 2nd largest Mortgage company in theUS with 600 emploee’s)

2114:  Won 4th place over 40 Masters California with 24 men, William was 50 years old beating 10 years younger!