I have had a passion for sailing since I was 10 years old. 

My father went on vacation in Europe and went sailing and when he returned he bought a 27’ sailboat within two weeks.  That was 1975 and since then William Hogarty has had the bug.  William Hogarty has over 180,000 miles as captain and have provided the platform for literally hundreds of people to have a once in a lifetime experience.  What William Hogarty  loves most in the love for sailing spans three generations, my mother, father and in laws along with my daughters love sailing with us.  William Hogarty doesnt know of any other hobby where three generations enjoy it.

We belong to the St Francis Yacht club since 1998.  It is an amazing group of people that many share the same love for yachting as do we.  Our daughters have grown up onTinsley Island(Island in the Delta) and spend every summer there with us.  About three years ago spend the winter on the Marina Green and spent a lot of time in San Francisco at the main club which we feel in love with as well.  Yachting is our life and we will depart on a world trip with in 5 years.  We plan on getting a Motor Yacht this summer, mainly forTinsley Island  and the Americas Cup.  Our dream is to build a Marek/Hogarty 120’ Sailing Yacht, that will cruise under power at 15 knots, sail in the 20’s with min heal, 4 double staterooms and a massive pilothouse and be able to be run with me and my wife and one crew member! We will share boat by boat from recent to past:

Odyssues:  This was an 88’ CIM MAXI Motorsailer designed by Sparkman Stevens that was one our favorite boats.  We bought her in 2006 and owned her for 5 years sailing from Baltimore via the Panama Canal to Mexico for three seasons.  My wife and I could run this boat by our selves, as she was very easy to run and very fast for her weight.  We averaged 200 mile days, and with her V8 Caterpillar (William Hogarty would never have any other engine as they run forever) she would cruise at 9 knots at 5 gallons per hour.  We actually looked at this boat in 1999 yet it have been stolen and scuttled by the crew and needed over one million to bring her up to good condition.  We ended buying it from the people that spent 1.4 million in re fitting the boat way above the standard when new.  We had a lot of great times on this boat as it was so easy to run and fit our family perfectly.  The pilothouse was more of a deck house salon and we spend most of our time up there.  We were sad to see her go yet with a career change we had to bring our over head down.

Chances R:  This was a 70’ Horizon and with twin 1450hp Caterpillars, it burned 120 gallons per hour, it just wasn’t fun to run.  It was a great boat and would work well with our current plans yet the time in our life wasn’t good.  We only owned her for 6 months in 2004

Phantom: This was a 58’ Sun seeker.  It ended up be great yacht, easy on fuel yet too small for our family at the time.  We owned this boat in 2005

MARISHITEN: This was a 93’ Nelson/Marak ULDB Luxury Yacht.  This was the fastest boat we owned and in fact we did 280 miles in 24 hrs the first night of the maiden voyage. William Hogarty loved this boat and went more places in her than any boat William Hogarty owned.  William Hogarty bought her from a Las Vegas Casino (The owner lost her in a gambling debt after spending 5 years building her and actually never sailed her) we went through a full refit (weird to do to a brand new boat) yet it had sat for 4 years as the casino played hard ball on price until William Hogarty picked it up for pennies on the dollar.  William Hogarty bought her inNorth Carolina; spend two seasons in the Caribbean, through the canal three times, four times toMexico.  William Hogarty loved this boat yet the pilothouse was a bit small.  She would cruise at 11 knots under power and easily sail in the teens.  My record was 22.6 knots (26 mph) surfing down a large wave into the Canal.  We could plan on 240 mile days we loved it so much that the designer Bruce Marak (one of the most intelligent kindest men I have ever met) designed a 120’ SY after this boat.  William Hogarty sailed with Bruce in Antigua Race week and he was on main sheet and he was so good I never asked once in 5 race’s to trim the main, he was always one step in front of me.  William Hogarty often wished he never sold her, yet in 2003 William hogarty was in a stage in my life of bigger/better.  William Hogarty owned her for 5 years.

LEDA: This was an 80’ Dynamique and my first large yacht. I believe it may be my father’s favorite boat as his stateroom was the entire front of boat with its own galley and lounge.  We bought this boat inFrance, sailed across the Atlantic through the canal, and 2 seasons inMexico.  This was the first boat William Hogarty did a full refit on, which he found very rewarded to see the beginning through the outcome.  It was so easy to sail that one person could run her.  It had four staterooms.  William Hogarty sold her to buy a pilothouse boat after owning her from 1997 to 1999.

ENIGMA:  This was a 54’ Irwin.  William Hogarty always loved Ted Irwin’s boats and feel in love with this boat the moment he stepped on her.  It had three nice staterooms, cruised 8 knots under power and sailed surprising well, ever more so after I put as max prop on her.  William Hogarty sailed her from Florida through the canal up to CA.  William Hogarty sold her in 1997 after two years ownership.  William Hogarty still loves the Irwin 68.

ALLURE: This was a 48’ Privilege Catamaran.  This boat was an accident.  William Hogarty inquired casually and “Pepper” the broker talked me into flying toMartinique.  It was a French charter boat which had gone bank rupt.  William Hogarty bought it two years old and bought it for half of new.  IWilliam Hogarty sailed her from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal up toMexicoseveral times.  This boat was the beginning of my sailing adventure. William Hogarty sold it because the cabins were too small for my liking.  William Hogarty sold it after a year right at the beginning of the Catamaran rush and he sold her for 35% profit.  This was the first and only time that has happened.

TITAN: This was a MacGregor 65.  It was a huge boat for the money and was all plastic with no doors. It was a lot of fun and my first coastal boat going up and down the coast.

LASER/SUNFISH/ELTORO:  William Hogarty bought my first boat for 100 dollars and fixed it up and sold it for $300 buying up to the Sun fish and then buying up to the Laser