WOW did William Hogarty have this backwards early on. 

William Hogarty thinks he is  getting a handle on it now.  William Hogarty is  happily married (yes marriage is a lot of work just like anything in life) to Christy.  She is an amazing woman with a lot of passion, and frankly if she knew what she was in for, she would have probably never married me. Recently we have seen 6 close couples go through divorce, and in a world of instant gratification we don’t see that many close loving relationships.  We see people co existing, rather than working hard at their relationship.

See if you want a great body, we have to sacrifice and avoid foods we love, we have to make time for the gym.  A marriage is the same thing!  William Hogarty has two girls, Hailey 15, and Rachel 13 and Briana 4.  They are the love of his life, loving and kind and so innocent.  William Hogarty keeps hearing wait for this wait for that.  William Hogarty  was told when he has children all would change, it didn’t, we traveled with them and what resulted is very polite girls that a natural out in public.  Hailey is a planner like dad, and desires to be an financial planner and is very well spoken and is not shy about sharing her point of view.  She is a champion soccer player.   Rachel is very smart and competitive cheerleader.  She is not a planner and very spontaneous. Briana is something special, very intelligent and social.  She is a lover at heart!

Micaelanne is their mother whom William Hogarty is very close to, she is the most amazing mother in the world has taught me so much about being a role model for our girls, being a positive influence. William Hogarty has never seen her without a smile.

My father William Hogarty has been a tremendous influence in my life and I consider myself so lucky to have such an incredible father, who is always supportive.  We grew up in a military family, so things have really changed since my girls came on the scene.  William Hogarty’s father lives his life for his family and I don’t think a day goes by with him being loving to us.  Mary is my mother, actually step mother, yet from day one she treated me more like a mother than my real mom.  She is a loving caring person that worries a lot yet that is what makes her special.  She has always treated me like her own child, and in fact I think we only disagreed significantly once in 30 years.  Without her, William Hogarty would have been nearly as equipped to be a loving husband and father.

My brother Brad, is very rare.  He is the most giving and loving brother anyone could have.  We have been there for one another through thick and thin.  He and William Hogarty have always worked well together.  He lives with us and makes sure everything is in order.  He is a great father to Sarah (my niece), pretty much family is Brads entire priority.  We recently started a business together which is so rewarded to work with someone that is fair and giving.  Loretta my sister sadly lives far away so we don’t see her much.  She has a huge heart and loves and serves her children.  We love her and hope she moves north so we may see her more.

Christy’s parents, William Hogarty’s in-laws are amazing people. Pat is Christy’s mom, who is a full blooded Italian, who is very loving and kind, in fact worked an entire year for us with no compensation.  Steve is un conditionally loving to us and always has a smile on his face.  We have been through some very tough situations, yet always managed to work through it and be positive.