Scientists find new link between sugar and Alzheimer’s

WOW if Sugar has not done enough damage, recent studies are showing that sugar leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

This is yet another reason for Proof Smart Food’s Simply Delicious Diabetic/Fitness friendly high protein low sugar foods to make a difference.  We will have samples of three amazing products at EXPO West!

Simply Delicious No Added Sugar Protein Cookies with 16 g Protein

Simply Delicious Sugar Free Power Truffle with 2x Caffeine as Coffee

 Simply Delicious Protein Pocket with 39g Protein, just 3 min. in the microwave

Our booth at Natural Foods Expo West Anaheim will be located at:

Booth H724 Hilton Ballroom Level 200 3/9 Thurs – 3/11 Sat.

Please contact me to set an appointment to meet the Food Scientist and the best management team industry behind the greatest advancement in food history! Of coarse our labels will be simple to understand and bi-lingual.

William Hogarty

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