Cancer is the #1 threat in this country by William Hogarty

Cancer is #1 threat in this Country by William Hogarty

Cancer is the #1 threat in this country. Cancer is actually fairly simple. We all have dormant cancer cells in our body that are triggered by three things. First, sugar (Dr’s locate cancer by injecting sugar into blood stream and the sugar migrate’s directly to cancer), acidic blood (stress cause’s blood to go acidic), and anaerobic state (meaning less oxygen in blood so lack of exercise).

A smoker that stress’s and eats high sugar foods, sadly cancer is a forgone conclusion.

I am not saying that someone who has a genetic predisposition to cancer is not going to get it.

I am saying, managing stress (how humans react to change), exercise, not smoking, and drastically reducing sugar in our diet will create a MUCH lower probability of getting cancer. Sadly most human beings don’t think about what they can do to help their health until it is too late. I lost my mother to lung cancer. She smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for most of her life and it wasn’t till a chest x-ray with cancer the size of base balls in her chest that it hit her, yet way too late, she died within a month.

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